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Anirvan Shukla.JPG
Anirvan Shukla
Anirvan Shukla writes Wikipedia articles about military defense and space technology. On English Wikipedia, he has more than 11,000 edits to his credit. He first edited Wikipedia when he corrected a minor error on the article about Sukhoi Su-30MKI. Initially, he found the interface difficult. But he picked up wiki markup quite quickly and became a regular contributor. He has created 11 new articles, 3 good articles and 5 DYKs so far. He is mainly interested in updating old articles, copy-editing and fighting vandalism. He also uploads photographs to Wikimedia Commons. He is a member of several Wikiprojects, including WP: Physics and WP: Military History. Anirvan has a masters degree in physics from Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee. He is interested in pursuing a Ph.D in theoretical physics. He believes that everyone should contribute to Wikipedia. "Correct a spelling mistake here or there; been on a trip to an exotic location or clicked an image from that latest high-def camera? Upload a few of those on Commons! Every little bit is useful", he adds.
Rishabh Tatiraju
Rishabh tatiraju joined Wikimedia in March 2010. He primarily edits articles about tropical storms, specifically of the North Indian Ocean, providing real-time updates to articles of active storms and improving existing ones. Apart from that, he likes contributing to articles about structures, monuments, bridges, Indian Highways and Roadways and lot more. He has approximately 4000 edits to his credit. He has been an active participant of Wikipedia Meet-Ups in Pune. He has received four barnstars, all for his contributions to articles on tropical storms, two uploaded featured pictures on Commons, and two DYK entries. He fondly remembers his first DYK from the article Godavari Arch Bridge in 2011. Rishabh was inspired to share his knowledge about tropical storms by his late father, who worked in meteorological research organisation. Rishabh thinks that free knowledge is everyone's right, and that Wikimedia projects are the source to free unlimited knowledge. He believes that it is everyone's responsibility to correct wrong information and add adequate citations so that we may be able to put an end to the hype that Wikipedia gives inaccurate information. Rishabh is a student of computer engineering at the University of Pune. Outside of Wikimedia, he is a singer, photographer and computer programmer.
Satdeep Gill
Satdeep Gill is a Student from Punjabi University, Patiala. He has been editing Wikipedia for the last 5 years. Currently, he is an Administrator in Punjabi Wikipedia and most of his wiki activities are based around Punjabi Wikipedia. He occasionally edits Urdu, Hindi, Western Punjabi, English and French Wikipedias as well. On Punjabi Wikipedia he has done some technical tasks such as creating templates and modules. The first article he created on Punjabi Wikipedia was Alexander Pushkin. His favourite topics are languages, literature and art. He won the Umepedia Challenge organized by Swedish Wikipedia. He has been doing one-on-one workshops and till date has brought at least 5 editors to Punjabi Wikipedia. Now, he is planning to do outreach programs all around Punjab.