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Balachandran G
Balachandran G, fondly known as Babug in Malayalam WikiCommunity, is a 74 years old active contributor to Malayalam Wikipedia. Babug, who started editing in 2008, now has 1423 articles and more than 5000 edits to his credit. Apart from writing original articles about Indian military, he transfers articles from Sarva-vijnana-kosham to Wikipedia. A stroke and succeeding multiple illnesses deteriorated his speech, and he was paralyzed for two decades. Writing on Wikipedia helped him to improve his knowledge in language and acquire new verbal and motor skills. He attributes his recovery to Wikipedia and claims that Wikipedia helped him to regain his lost self confidence. His inspiring story is featured in the book, Growing Wikipedia: The India Chronicles authored by Tory Read. He was featured on many Malayalam and English newspapers including the prestigious The Telegraph. Mr. Balachandran also clicks pictures and uploads the best of them to Wikimedia Commons.
Aniruddha Kumar
Aniruddha Kumar is an active editor on Hindi Wikipedia who has made over 9000 edits to articles on Hindi literature, music and history in just three years. As he is visually challenged, he uses open software to read Wikipedia through synthetic speech. He loves Wikipedia because it can be read and edited by anyone, unlike various things which are inaccessible for persons with disabilities. He has participated in Wikimania, the global conference of Wikimedians, held in Washington D.C. in July 2012. He was also featured in Wikimedia Foundation's annual fundraising banners in early 2012. His inspiring story was published in the blog run by the Wikimedia Foundation and various other websites. Aniruddha has finished his Masters and M.Phil in Hindi literature and is currently working as an Assistant Professor in Delhi University.
Srinivas Gunta
As a doctoral student at IIM Bangalore in the area of Strategic Management, Srinivas Gunta got intrigued by the phenomenon of Wikipedia. He started editing Wikipedia in April 2005 to understand what makes it click – within a year, he totaled up over 10,000 edits on English Wikipedia by working on India related topics, India quiz and DYKs, apart from becoming a sysop. He is one of the founding members of the India Chapter of Wikimedia, having realized the need for a continuous offline presence for outreach activities. He has advocated for Wikipedia at research forums and in the print media. He has been an assistant professor at IIM Indore since 31 August, 2010. He is intrigued about Wikipedia because the management theory he is familiar with predominantly suggests two ways of getting work done – hierarchies or markets, categorizations that are inadequate to describe collaborative, voluntary initiatives such as Wikipedia.
Venkatesh Raju
Venkatesh, better known as User:Vensatry among Wikimedians, is an active Wikimedian who has got over 23,000 edits to his credit. He started editing in 2008, and became an active contributor in February 2011. He has created more than 150 articles, most of them related to Indian cinema, cricket, Indian geography and demographics. He has contributed to 39 DYKs, 10 featured lists and 5 good articles so far. He has served as the co-ordinator of Indian cinema task force for over an year. Venkatesh, 23, is a computer science engineer from Thiruchirappalli who is about to complete his Masters in business administration in two months. Of late, he is more into pages related to women's history. He anticipates to participate many offline Wikimedia events in future.
Rohini Lakshané
Rohini Lakshané started writing on Wikipedia as early as 2006. Though her first edit was an act of humorous vandalism, she picked up Wikipedia rules quickly and started contributing to articles related to food, technology, and places. She is a passionate photographer who has uploaded numerous images and has added descriptions to existing images on the Wikimedia Commons. She contributes to Wikipedia in spurts and has over 1,800 edits from different projects put together to her credit. She is a regular participant at meetups in Mumbai. Rohini has taken initiative in conducting various workshops and meetups for women in Mumbai and Goa, including the International Women's day events, which took place in March 2013. She maintains WikipeDNA, a blog that deals with topics pertaining to Wikimedia on DNA blogs. She volunteers with the Wikimedia Chapter of India as the Chairperson for the Special Interest Group, Gendergap. Outside Wikimedia, she is a polygot, tech blogger and treehugger.
Srikar Kashyap
Srikar Kashyap Pulipaka, better known as Strike Eagle in Wikiverse, is a 17 year old higher secondary school student from Hyderabad. He is a member of several Wikiprojects and has more than 8000 edits to his credit. He mostly edits articles related to Indian military, Telugu cinema and Indian sports. He is an active member of several WikiProjects including WikiProject Television, WikiProject Commonwealth and WikiProject Cricket. He is best known for snapping real-time images of the ground zero of the 2013 Hyderabad blasts amidst the chaos and lathi-charge, within 10 hours of the blast, and uploading them to Commons. He was instrumental in getting Arihant-class submarine to GA status which became the first Indian Military article on English Wikipedia to attain this status. He was the founding vice-coordinator of WikiProject IPL, and currently serves as its temporary coordinator. He has designed numerous barnstars and has been a keen vandalism fighter.
Sujith T.K
Adv. T.K Sujith joined Wikimedia projects in 2008 and became active in Malayalam Wikipedia in 2010. He started off his Wikipedia career by editing an article about Consumer Protection Law (ml) in June 2010. Since then, he has written numerous articles about law, Indian politics and gender issues on Malayalam Wikipedia. He became an administrator on Malayalam Wikipedia on April 2013. He has conducted over fifteen outreach programs across Kerala and participated in eight Wikipedia workshops. He was the chair of the Fund Dissemination Committee of 'WikiSangamotsavam,' the first annual conference of any language Wikimedia project in India, conducted by the Malayalam Wikimedia community in 2012. A lawyer by profession, he provides expert opinion to the Wikimedia community in legal issues. Mr. Sujith believes that every human being is responsible for disseminating their knowledge in the community, and that Wikipedia is the best platform to share one's information. He lives with his family in S.L Puram, Alappuzha.
Pavithra and Omshivaprakash
Omshivaprakash H L and Pavithra are dedicated Wikimedians who actively contribute to Wikimedia projects in Kannada and English. They have conducted and participated in several outreach programs. Om was involved in Dravidan University Wiki workshop, Wiki workshop in Central Library of Bangalore, Science Writers' Wikipedia Workshop and Wiki Workshop at Tumkur University. Pavithra was the brain behind the Bangalore Science Forum Summer Camp, WikiWomen Bangalore Workshop and Kids' Wikipedia Workshop. During DevCamp 2012, Pavithra picked up skills related to PyWiktionary modules and Andriod Development, while Om used the opportunity to test Wikimedia applications and transliterate for Kannada Google IME. Om has a variety of interests spanning from movies to technology about which he writes articles on Wikipedia. Pavithra, on the other hand, is interested in photography and contributes her images to Wikimedia Commons. Both of them have accommodated Wikimedia volunteering into their tightly packed schedule because they are passionate about free knowledge and open source. Outside Wikimedia, Om is a leader in tech-blogging, community building and localization. He has written several articles about FLOSS, Technology, E-Governance and Wikipedia on Kannada newspapers and magazines. Currently, he serves as the Chair of the Special Interest Group for Kannada language. Both Pavithra and Om are IT professionals based in Bangalore.
Satish Patel with his son Jayam
Satish Patel, fondly known as Satishchandra in the wikiverse, is an active editor on Gujrati Wikiprojects since 2008. He has over 50,000 edits on Gujrati Wikipedia and over 2500 edits on Gujrati Wikisource. Initially he contributed to Wikipedia using his Nokia 3110 phone, but later he switched to a desktop computer. He regularly writes articles related to geography of Gujrat and has created numerous articles about villages in Gujrat. He is a member of Wikiproject: Ahmedabad and around ten digitization projects in Wikisource. With Nature Club Bharuch, he has conducted a booth named "Come let's know Wikipedia" during the science fair at Narmadanagar Community Science Center. He was selected as a Noteworthy Wikimedian in 2011. Satish's son, 13-years old Jayam, is also an active Wikimedian. Jayam enthusiastically contributes to Gujrati Wikisource under his father's guidence. Satish thinks that everyone should contribute to Wikimedia projects because it is our moral responsibility to preserve knowledge for generations to come. He is a chemical engineer by profession.
Parvathisri (right) with her daughter Abirami Narayanan
Parvathisri started editing Tamil Wikipedia in 2011. She picked up Wikipedia editing quite quickly, and created over 500 articles on a variety of subjects including Tamil literature, history, mathematics and biology. Thirty five articles started by her have made it to the main page of Tamil Wikipedia. She is the second woman to become an administrator on Tamil Wikipedia. She is a member of the offline Wikipedia project in Tamil, an effort to bring Wikipedia to schoolchildren who do not have internet access. She has won the prize for being an active contributor in the worldwide media contest conducted by Tamil Wikimedia community. Being a middle-school teacher by profession, she is involved in conducting outreach sessions for her fellow teachers in government-run schools to help them to contribute to Wikipedia. Besides introducing Wikipedia, she also provides orientation about other free online resources in Tamil. Parvathi's daughter, 15 years old Abhirami Narayanan, also contributes to Wikipedia under her guidance. Parvathi was a participant at Wikimania, the annual global conference of Wikimedians, held in Hong Kong in August 2013. Apart from writing articles, she also contributes pictures to Wikimedia Commons. She sees Wikipedia as her first window towards the free culture world.
Vaibhav Jain
Vaibhav Jain is a class 10 student who started editing Wikipedia in March 2011. He is User: Vibhijain on all Wikimedia projects. Vaibhav was a prolific reader of Wikipedia before he got interested in writing articles for Wikipedia. He started off by writing articles related to India, cricket and Indian politics. Currently, he is the lead coordinator of Wikiproject: Indian Premier League on English Wikipedia. He has worked on 9 featured lists and 6 good articles so far. Vaibhav feels that his best work so far is the biography of the Indian saint, Jagadguru Rambhadracharya. For him, the greatest difficulty in writing articles about India on Wikipedia is the factual inaccuracies in various resources. His occasional Wiki-breaks happen during exam time, when he has to concentrate more on studies. Vaibhav recalls an interesting incident when he asked his facebook friend to translate a biography article to Telugu and surprised him by adding the content to Telugu Wikipedia after seeking permission to do so. Vaibhav aspires to be a computer engineer to serve the people of India.
User: Redtigerxyz's first FA was 'Ganesha'
User: Redtigerxyz started editing on 8/12/2006 when he learned about Wikipedia after googling for a technical term. As he explored Wikipedia, he read about his favorite Gods and started contributing to articles related to Hindu mythology. He now contributes to articles related to Indian temples, Indian culture and art, Sanskrit works, Indian history, Mumbai, Maharashtra, Indian films apart from writing about Hindu mythology. He has contributed to 5 Featured Articles, 45 Good Articles and 3 former Good Articles. He is driven to create Wikipedia articles when he finds that there are no articles about his favorite topics. He thinks that the systemic bias on Wikipedia should be combated by creating more articles about India. In his attempt to feature India on the main page of Wikipedia, he has contributed to more than 155 Did-You-Knows (DYKs) on topics related to India. He likes Wikipedia because Wikipedia gives him an opportunity to collaborate with like-minded editors to create quality content. He also loves searching for images on Wikimedia Commons because he feels that 'while text is the brain of an article, image is the heart.'
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