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Ansumang Bengaluru Odia Wiki Meetup 14

User:Ansumang Ansuman Giri is active in English Wikiproject & Odia Wikipedia. He has made 2,938 edits in English Wikipedia and 2,574 edits in Odia Wikipedia. He has also volunteered for leading outreach programs in Bangalore and Baleswar for Odia. He is a regular in the Bangalore monthly Wiki Meetups and being a part of chapter as a member he has volunteered for the WikiAcademy in public library, Bangalore. He is a sysop in Odia Wikipedia and apart from editing in multiple subject matters he contributes majorly for technical bug fixing, template creation, gadgets usage and documentation, etc.

Vaishak Kallore

User:Vaikoovery His real name is Vaishak Kallore. He contributes to Malayalam Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons. He has about 1000+ edits in both. He is mainly interested in taking photos and donating them.He loves to identify the appropriate category and also the geolocation of them.He hopes that it will help the researchers now or in future.He has participated in Wikipedia Kannur Meetup and WikiConference India 2011


User:Rajeshk Rajesh Odayanchal mainly contributes to Malayalam Wikipedia.He is mainly concentrating in the cultural side of the northern Kerala and the places around there.He creates different graphical designs for the Wikimedia India events, projects like CD Cover, CD Stickers, Logos etc.He is taking care of a project for creating copyright-free maps of states, districts, panchayats, roads, water falls of Kerala in wikipedia.He is part of Wikipedia Map Project in Malayalam Wikipedia, Malayalam loves Wikipedia etc.


Bhawani Gautam

User:Bhawani Gautam Bhawani Gautam works as administrator & bureaucrat on Nepali wikipedia He has done a 13083 edits on ne.wikipedia,1306 edits on ne.wiktionary. On English Wikiproject he has done about 524 edits. And in Hindi wikipedia 385 edits and on Sanskrit Wikipedia 339 edits. He has also done more than 1000 translation on



User:BPositive, whose real name is Pratik Lahoti is an active Wikipedian from Pune. He was a Campus Ambassador for Wikipedia's India Education Program(IEP). After having finished his IEP duties, BPositive has continued with editing Wikipedia. He does minor copy-editing, reverts vandalism, and recently got rollbacker rights on He has taken over the responsibility of the WikiProject - Collaboration of the month(WP:INCOTM) from User:AshLin and works as a volunteer co-ordinator. Post IEP, BPositive has been involved in several outreach activities which include - volunteering for the Marathi Wikipedia stall at CMDA IT Expo, conducting basic Wikipedia workshop at CCOEW in Pune, volunteering for the Wiki-academy at GnuNify and translation for Wiki Mobile App in Marathi during Pune Hackathon 2012. He has also recorded pronunciations for around 70 articles and added them on the 11th Anniversary of Wikipedia as a member of Wikipedia Club Pune.


Abhiram C.JPG
Abhiram C
User:Sbblr0803's real name is Abhiram C. He is an administrator at Sanskrit Wikisource, and is a very active contributor there. He has uploaded various Sanskrit works to the Wikisource, including the whole of the Mahabharat, the Saama Veda, and Kalidasa's Raghuvamsham. He is an integral part of the Sanskrit Wikimedia community, and frequently helps out with teaching new editors on Wiki markup, as well as editing techniques. He participated in the WikiConference India 2011.


Konarak Ratnakar.jpg
Konarak Ratnakar
Konarak Ratnakar on wikimedia projects User:Kondicherry, is a Wikipedian from Ahmedabad. After volunteering in Wiikipedia Takes Ahmedabad he came to know about the Wikimedia India Community and started editing Wikipedia. He is currently volunteer coordinator of WikiProject Gujarat. He also contributes to Wikimedia Commons and Gujarati Wikipedia. He is trying to build a local community of wikipedians and teaching them basic editing by setting up WikiMeetups.