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Manoj K climbing coconut tree

User:Manojk -Manoj K,he is one of the key contributors of Wikimedia Malayalam projects. He volunteers as Malayalam Wikisource sysop. He has participated in lot of outreach activities happened across Kerala. His major contributions to the wiki world is Malayalam Wikisource offline CD project. He has taken the lead for the following classics to be there in Malayalam Wikisoure - Sree Narayana Guru's complete work, Kottarathil Sankunni's Aithihyamala,Panchathanthiram Kilippattu,Narayaneeyam (Melpathur), BashAshtapadi (Geethagovindam),Kulasthreeyum Chandappennum Undayathengane, Hermann Gundert's Malayalam English dictionary project .He has also co-coordinated 2 digitizing projects of school student's Ramachandravilasam and Kundalatha.


State of Wikiproject India in English by User:AshLin.

User:AshLin - A member of the Pune Community, AshLin is interested in editing articles on a wide variety of subjects including biodiversity, philately, science, history, specifically military history. AshLin is interested and active in outreach and GLAM in Pune. He had recently participated in the Victoria and Albert Museum GLAM event for expanding Tipu's Tiger. A curator of a small museum, AshLin is a supporter of Marathi Wikipedia though he says most of his edits were reverted by his best friends due to his preliminary command of the language. He is currently involved in giving a framework to the Offline Schools Wikipedia Indian Edition and also to the cleanup effort needed for WikiProject India on English Wikipedia.



User:Sodabottle is a Tamil Wikipedian. He began as a English Wikipedian and then started editing Tamil wiki projects too. He has written over a 100 articles in English wikipedia, nearly 700 in Tamil Wikipedia and has uploaded about 350 files to commons. He is an administrator in Tamil Wikipedia and Wiktionary. He has taken part in many outreach programs and wiki workshops. Currently he is a coordinator of the TamilWiki Media Contest


Sreejith at Bangalore WikiAcademy 3

User:Sreejithk2000 His real name is Sreejith Kulamgarath and has been active in English Wikipedia, Malayalam Wikipedia and commons for over 3 years. Sreejith has 45K edits in English Wikipedia, 20K in commons and 8K in Malayalam Wikipedia where he is also a sysop. Sreejith has been most active in commons where he enjoys categorizing images, geocoding images and reviewing licenses. Sreejith is also an OTRS admin.