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FDC Proposal 2013/Budget/Staff

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As part of the FDC proposal we need to provide details of new staffers we aim to hire during the year.

New profile for Executive Manager:

  • Undertake leadership of Wikimedia India and release Board from all day to day activity requirements. Board to take on overall governance role from hereon forward. Executive Manager would continue to report to the board on all matters.
  • Help develop and implement short term and long term plans for the growth of Wikimedia/ Creative Commons projects in India as devised in coordination with Board
  • Support Wikimedia India events as well as Creative Commons India events
  • Build and develop relationships with museums, universities and other partner organisations, diversify income sources, and maintain a high profile with the media.
  • Advise board on planning and performance, providing progress against key objectives and managing risks and opportunities as they arise
  • Present about Chapter, Wikimedia Foundation and conduct Wiki literacy trainings at external events when invited.
  • Liaise with government on matters of free and open knowledge
  • Liaise with other chapters and coordinate on projects of mutual benefit
  • Recruit, and manage the performance of Wikimedia India staff
  • Maintain high level of professionalism within the organisation
  • Develop Fund raising plan and execute with a goal of raising atleast 25% of budget locally in the first 5 years.
  • Ensure regular coordination/ communication with Members, Community, WMF, Press and public
  • Attend Regional/National WMIN/community events, Wikimedia Conference/Wikimania and other such movement related events of importance

Profile for Program Executive

  • Help devise, conceptualise, implement and support community events in India, all events including national/regional/technical event.
  • Communicate and liaise with regional and lingual SIG chairs on a regular basis and ensure minimal activity levels in all regions
  • Liaise with members and additionally specifically all indic language communities and support in all ways possible
  • Support GLAM related activities in India.
  • Assist with PR and Communications as well as Social Media outreach
  • Help with educational outreach


  • Proven experience of delivering a event management and communications strategy at a national level.
  • Understanding of the Wikimedia community and its communication tools.
  • Experience of working effectively with a team of volunteers
  • Experience of working in a charitable or not-for-profit environment (desirable).
  • Track record in writing, web editing and social media

Profile of Administrative Executive

  • Help develop Wikipedia promotional pamphlets in all languages
  • Help with preparation of other outreach material
  • Run annual fundraiser
  • Prepare monthly and annual chapter reports and any reports to be submitted to WMF/Donors
  • Maintenance of members register
  • Preparation of Quarterly Financial statements, in coordination with accountant
  • Preparation of Annual Accounts,coordination with Consultants and Auditor
  • Filing of Income Tax returns and matters related to it.
  • Filing of Annual return with audited Accounts with the Registrar of Societies, Bangalore.
  • Liaison with Consultants and Government Departments with regard to Income Tax/ Section 12A Registration, FCRA, Online membership/donation/voting for Society etc.
  • Maintenance of books of Accounts, membership and Donor database:Preparation & maintenance of Vouchers, issue of Receipts, making payments, preparation and issue of checks and making cash payments, TDS etc.,
  • Housekeeping on chapter wiki.


  • An understanding of an Indian non-profit.
  • Experience of supporting volunteers and volunteer-run projects.
  • Proven experience of administration work
  • Experience of working effectively with a team of volunteers.
  • Track record in budgeting and of achieving financial balance.