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Events/Creative Commons workshop in Bangalore

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Wikimedia India and Creative Commons, are jointly organizing a series of events across India to create greater awareness on open licenses and GLAM. They are holding a seminar on "Knowledge Sharing through GLAM", in Bangalore on Monday, 25th February 2013 at Chitrakala Parishad, Bangalore.

Wikimedia India Chapter (Registered Name: Wikimedia Chapter) is an independent and not-for-profit society that supports, promotes and educates the general Indian public about the availability and use of free and open educational content and build capacity to access and contribute to such resources in various Indian languages and English. The chapter also supports and promotes Wikimedia projects in India.

Creative Commons is a nonprofit organization that enables the sharing and use of creativity and knowledge through free legal tools, are visiting India this February to conduct workshops and seminars across India, in association with Wikimedia India.

The Bangalore event is supported by College of Fine Arts, Karnataka Chitrakala Parishad as the event host. The event is also supported by the Center for Internet and Society.

Full Schedule of CC event in India in February 2013

Wikimedia India
Creative Commons
Wikimedia projects
Wikimedia and GLAM
Please volunteer for exciting GLAM initiatives. We need your help!

Date and Venue

25th Feb 2013

2.00 PM to 6.30 PM

College of Fine Arts, Chitrakala Parishad, Kumara Krupa Road, Bengaluru - 560 001

Admission is free. Please carry a copy of the email invite or the registration page.

Getting there

Karnataka Chitrakala Parishad is located in Kumara Krupa Road, Bengaluru. It is next to Hotel Ashok and Kumara Park Guest House.
Here is the Map

Event Contacts

Contact for Insititutions and Participants:
Mr. T Sowmyan,
Mobile: +91 96329 11650

Intended Audience

Who should attend the seminar?

  • Administrators of Public Policy
  • Administrators of GLAM institutions
  • Art historians, Artists, Photographers, and Sculptors
  • Legal professionals
  • Bloggers, Authors, Editors, and Publishers
  • Wikipedians, Educators

Event context

Galleries, Libraries, Archives, and Museums are cultural institutions that hold an abundance of knowledge resources to share. GLAM-WIKI is a Wikimedia initiative to produce open-access, freely-reusable content for the public in collaboration with GLAM institutions. A partnership with Wikimedia is a low-cost, high-impact way for them to disseminate their resources to a global audience.

GLAMs can contribute to this initiative through Wikipedia, Wikimedia commons, and Wikisource. Global examples show that working with Wikimedia extend the reach of GLAMs to potential global audience, and increase foot falls due to greater awareness of the institution's collections and knowledge. Wikimedia Chapter will share how this is done, and how this initiative has benefited the global institutions.

Sharing of artifacts for global audience over the internet requires appropriate legal tools related to copyright. Creative Commons develops and supports such tools. Wikimedia projects are one of the largest users of Creative Commons licenses.

Speakers from Creative Commons will present an overview about their organization and the tools. They will describe how these tools relate to Wikimedia and GLAM. They will also suggest how the institutions can choose the appropriate tool to selectively retain their rights while releasing some of it for free public use.

Creative Commons licensing also works for many other applications such as music, video, writing, and many other creative works. Open Education Resources and Public Data are other applications. Though the event will focus on GLAM, attendees can discuss other subjects with the speakers at the end of Q&A.

Takeaways for participants

  • Appreciation of Wikimedia India's projects and GLAM focus
  • Appreciation of what GLAM collaborations mean and how it can benefit GLAM professionals.
  • Understanding of Creative Commons and its purpose.
  • Examples of how GLAM institutions are leveraging CC licenses.
  • Examples of collaborations between GLAM institutions and Wikimedia.
  • Volunteering opportunities.


  1. Arun Ramarathnam, Wikipedian and Co-founder of Wikimedia India
  2. Jane Hornibrook, Regional Coordinator Asia Pacific for Creative Commons.
  3. Jessica Coates; Global Network Manager for Creative Commons
  4. Omshivaprakash, Wikipedian


Time Agenda Speaker/s Notes, Takeaways
2:00 PM Welcome and Context setting Sowmyan T (WIkimedia India) Objectives of the workshop and intended takeaways
2:15 PM Introductions and Expectation setting Arun Ramarathnam (Wikimedia India) Audience and speaker introductions. Discussion on Audience expectations
3:00 PM Wikimedia India, GLAM and Wikimedia Arun Ramarathnam & Omshivaprakash (Wikimedia India) Wikimedia India and projects. What is GLAM? What is the intersection of GLAM and Wikimedia?
3:45 PM Introduction to Creative Commons licensing Jessica Coates (Creative Commons) This session will introduce the licences, and how they operate practically for publishing and sharing online
4:45 PM Tea break All -
5:00 PM Openness around the world: How Creative Commons is used by GLAMs, across borders. Jane Hornibrook (Creative Commons) How and why the international GLAM community is going open.
5:45 PM Open discussion, Volunteering and Collaboration opportunities Arun Ramarathnam & Omshivaprakash (Wikimedia India) Discussion of collaboration projects
6:20 PM Vote of Thanks, Wrapup and close Sowmyan T, Arun Ramarathnam (Wikimedia India) Actions and Volunteer enrollment.


Signed Up

  1. Sandipan Bhattacharjee - BANGALORE
  2. Ahmad Faiz Mustafa
  3. Sunil Gupta
  4. Bharathiya
  5. Shuvendu Kumar
  6. TS-Sowmyan 19:19, 16 February 2013 (IST)
  7. Shome Sengupta
  8. ansuman
  9. Pavanaja U B
  10. Shashank M Chakravarthy
  11. Shyam Kumar V N
  12. Rajesh Odayanchal
  13. Santosh kumar
  14. Prashanth S
  15. Arun vm(webber)(eduladder )
  16. Abilash k.g(eduladder)
  17. Somesh Kanti
  18. Athuljith(eduladder)
  19. Devraj Bandla
  20. Raghavendra S
  21. Sachin
  22. Midhun V Manikkath
  23. Sneha Das
  24. Pushkar V
  25. Dr C Jaya Sankar Babu
  26. Guruprasad Rao
  27. Surekha Deepak with 55 members of their college
  28. Nishant Vatsal
  29. Ganapathy
  30. Harshitha Parnandi Venkata
  31. Murali SD
  32. Aruna Sankaranarayanan
  33. Manjunath B
  34. Arunram
  35. Dr Chitra Ravi
  36. Rudramurthy V
  37. Akshay Kumar
  38. Omshivaprakash
  39. Ralph
  40. Avinash Puranik
  41. Aditya R
  42. Tinucherian
  43. Modini Srinivasan
  44. Madhuri T.M

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