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English Special Interest Group

The English SIG intends to support growth and quality of English Wikimedia projects and articles relates to India. This is also open to all Wikimedians from other languages who are keen to collaborate with English Wikimedia projects (translation, experience sharing,etc.


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  1. Bring greater focus to the India notice board (limited participation across editors)
  2. Review Collaboration of the Month
  3. Increase community participation in RFDs (currently minimal)
  4. Connect with Indian English Wikipedian (google hangout, monthly IRCs)
  5. Target 10 Featured articles in a year
  6. Increase number of Active editors
  7. Annual article quality review
  8. Attempt one large project in a year
  9. Photo drive for key personalities

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  1. India 1000 article project
  2. Photos project for personalities
  3. Release 3 books of high quality content

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Social Media

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Media coverage

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