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Elections 2016/Nominations/Krishna Chaitanya Velaga

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Nomination form for Wikimedia Chapter Executive Committee Elections-2016

(To be initiated by Proposer and updated by Seconder and the Candidate wishing to contest for Election and submitted as per the due date)

Proposal details

Name of the candidate: Krishna Chaitanya Velaga

Membership ID (can be updated by Candidate later): INDI-796

Member Since (can be updated by Candidate later): July 2016

(As per Wikimedia Chapter by-laws, a Member for election to Executive Committee should have been member for at least 3 months before the date of the meeting of the AGM/Election).


Name: Mourya Biswas

Signature(Use Wiki Signature): Mouryan (talk) 20:03, 23 March 2017 (IST)

Membership ID: INDI-654


Name: Suyash Dwivedi

Signature(Use Wiki Signature): Suyash Dwivedi (talk) 16:45, 24 March 2017 (IST)

Membership ID: INDI-670

Acceptance by the Candidate

Short Profile* (including past involvement in Wikimedia activities in not more than 100 words):

  • I have been editing on English Wikipedia since December 2014 in the Indian Military history domain. Next to that I contribute to Commons and rarely on Telugu Wikipedia.
  • I have done 1 featured list, 5 A-class articles, 1 good topic, 10 good articles and 16 Did you know credits on en Wiki.
  • Military history newcomer of the year [2016], Military History WikiProject and Featured Wikimedian of the Month [January 2017], Wikimedia India Chapter.
  • My good article reviews are close to 100. Please visit my en Wiki user page for more details.
  • My rights on en Wiki include Extended confirmed, Pending changes reviewer, AutoWikiBrowser, Mass message sender, Page mover, Rollbacker,New page reviewer

Position Statement/Letter of intent* (in not more than 200 words):

If I am elected to the EC, the first thing I would love to work on is the FCRA license, which is a major problem currently that the chapter is suffering from. It has greatly affected the chapter's activities. Then I would like to get more editors on board and more editors to get registered with the chapter. Very few editors are aware of the chapter existence. It would be if more editors pool in. Apart from this, I attended the Train-the-Trainer 2017 conducted by the Centre for Internet & Society and gained good knowledge about WMG grant structure. So I wish to conduct as many outreach events and edit-a-thons as possible, particularly focusing on the students and educators. Above all, I would love to help out with anything that would enhance the chapter and its ideas.

Conflict of Interest disclosure (if any)


I Krishna Chaitanya Velaga solemnly affirm to hold the aims and objectives of Wikimedia Chapter in highest esteem and strive to the best of my ability in serving the cause of Wikimedia Chapter.

Place: Tenali

Date: 23 December 2017

Signature(Use Wiki Signature): Krishna Chaitanya Velaga (talk) 20:27, 23 March 2017 (IST)

Name: Krishna Chaitanya Velaga