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Elections 2016/Nominations/Harish Satpute

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Nomination form for Wikimedia Chapter Executive Committee Elections-2016

(To be initiated by Proposer and updated by Seconder and the Candidate wishing to contest for Election and submitted as per the due date)

Proposal details

Name of the candidate:Harish Satpute

Membership ID (can be updated by Candidate later):INDI-738

Member Since (can be updated by Candidate later): 7/2016

(As per Wikimedia Chapter by-laws, a Member for election to Executive Committee should have been member for at least 3 months before the date of the meeting of the AGM/Election).


Name:Kiran Ravikumar

Signature(Use Wiki Signature): Kiran Ravikumar 22:36, 24 march 2017 (IST)

Membership ID:INDI-631


Name: Santosh Shingare

Signature(Use Wiki Signature): Cherishsantosh (talk) 22:40, 24 March 2017 (IST)

Membership ID: INDI 356

Acceptance by the Candidate

Short Profile* (including past involvement in Wikimedia activities in not more than 100 words):

I got in touch with Wikipedia in Wiki Conference India 2011. Participated in Hackathon session conducted in Wiki Conference India 2011. It was that hackathon which made me realize the power of Wikipedia in technical term. After getting close to the community I realize the importance of it in social terms too. over the years I have arranged several programs for the community. I was the Organizer of Wikipedia hackathons at IIT Bombay for the year 2015 (in collaboration with CIS ) and 2016 (in collaboration with WMF ) also supported events like women's Edithon and photothon.

Position Statement/Letter of intent* (in not more than 200 words):

I would like to consider my position for any technical contribution towards Wikimedia India Chapter for proper governance. I would like to initiate programs which will help in awareness about Wikipedia in technical community.

Conflict of Interest disclosure (if any)




I Harish Satpute solemnly affirm to hold the aims and objectives of Wikimedia Chapter in highest esteem and strive to the best of my ability in serving the cause of Wikimedia Chapter.


Date:24th March 2017

Signature(Use Wiki Signature):Harishsatpute (talk) 22:44, 24 March 2017 (IST)

Name:Harish satpute