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Elections 2015/Nominations

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The 2015 Elections to Wikimedia India Chapter will be held on November 22nd along with AGM. Members of the WMIN have the opportunity to elect two candidates to a two-year term which will expire in 2017. Voters eligible are those who are members as on 3 months before 22-Nov-2015 i.e. 22-Aug-2015.

Nominations Process

Eligible Wikipedia Chapter members who wish to file nominations for the Executive Committee should create a subpage by entering a valid username below. After filling up the nomination form and signing it, please add a link to the subpage below as instructed. Before nominating oneself or somebody else, please read the 'Rules & Regulations for the Election'. Nominations can be filed by post also, for which a nomination form is provided in the rules and regulations document.

  • Each nomination need to be initiated by proposer and updated by seconder and the candidate wishing to contest for election and submitted as per the due date
  • Each nomination needs a short profile including past involvement in Wikimedia activities in not more than 100 words.
  • Each candidates need to write a brief position statement /Letter of intent (in not more than 200 words) stating what you would do if you were elected to the WMIN Executive committee, your relevant opinions and experience, and anything else you think is relevant. You may not use your candidate summary to link to lists of endorsements or other platform pages, and may not run on a slate with other candidates.
  • We also request all candidates to disclose any potential, perceived or actual conflict of interests for a WMIN executive committee position along with your nomination submission.

Last date for nominations 23 Oct 2015

Eligible Voters List

Voters eligible are those who are members as on 3 months before 22/Nov/2015 i.e. 22/August 2015. Please take a look at Electoral roll published by WMIN

Nomination Box

  • Login into the Wiki
  • Type in the name of the candidate you are proposing in the box in place of CandidateName and press on the button" Nominate a Candidate"
  • Fill in the details known to you about the candidate
  • In place of signature, use signature (~~~~) or the signature icon from Wiki editor menu indicated by pen.
  • Mention your own Membership id on the nomination page.
  • Add the newly created page to this page
  • Send an email to the candidate and another member for seconding your proposal and completing the seconding and acceptance process by the proposed Candidate
  • Don't wait till the due date, as the wiki may be inaccessible at times due to Network issues

Nominations Initiated

Draft slate of candidates

Election Committee deliberated the nominations and clarified the information on the nomination forms with the Chapter. More details here

Last date for withdrawal of candidature is 30 Oct 2015, 2359 hrs IST.
Any candidate withdrawing candidature may express the same on Talk:Elections_2015#Nominations and wikisign before due date.

Final slate of Candidates

See Final list

See Also