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Elections 2015

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The 2015 elections to Wikimedia India Chapter will be held on November 22nd, 2015. Members of the WMIN have the opportunity to elect two candidates to a two-year term which will expire in 2017. Voters eligible are those who are members as on 3 months before 22-Nov-2015 i.e. 22-Aug-2015.

Election Notice

See Elections 2015/Announcement

Election Committee

  • Srinivas Rao D B : Returning Officer
  • Chinmayi SK: Polling Officer
  • Dr.Subas Chandra Rout: Polling Officer
  • Yogesh KS: Polling Officer

Nomination Process

Section applicable after Election announcement

Please see Elections 2015/Nominations


See Talk:Elections_2015#Final_list_of_candidates


Section applicable after Elections are complete

See Elections 2015/Results

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Timeline for nominations and selection

The following are key dates in the election process and current status:

Date Event Notes Status
25-Sep-2015 Final vetting of voters list by WMIN EC. Please see 2015 Voters list.
110 eligible voters across India from 14 states/UTs
and 44 cities/towns.
05-Oct-2015 Election announcement See Elections 2015/Announcement EMail
(9:00PM - 10:30PM)
First IRC.
For potential candidates and voters to clarify election rules
and procedures with Election Committee and current EC.
See IRC page
IRC page
23-Oct-2015 Final date for nominations . Nominations close at 23:59 IST.
07 candidate nominations received. (6.4% of membership)
24-Oct-2015 Verification and approval of candidates. 04 candidate nominations accepted after scrutiny.
30-Oct-2015 Final date for withdrawal. Nomination withdrawals close at 23:59 IST
Any candidate withdrawing candidature may express
the same on Nominations and wikisign
before due date.
None withdrawn
31-Oct-2015 Declaration of final list of candidates. We have have 4 candidates in the Final Slate.
See Profiles
02-Nov-2015 Election Committee sends out ballot papers. postal ballots and election notice for 110 members
dispatched on 02-Nov-2015
08th Nov 2015
(9:00PM - 10:30PM)
Second IRC
Q &A With Candidates
IRC - Q&A session with EC Election Candidates.
Candidates can continue to respond to questions .
Open for offline questions
Logs here
22-Nov-2015 Elections Location: CIS Results


Ask your queries

Please use Talk:Elections 2015 for updates on the Election process.