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Nominations for the Executive Committee 2012

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India EC Elections 2012
* Elections 2012
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* Nomination process
* Candidates (9)
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* Results
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Home page for EC Elections-2012.

Nominations Process

There are 76 members who are on the membership roll as on 23 June 2012 and are eligible to participate in the Election and contest the Election. (As per by-laws, based on the date of election and AGM scheduled for Sep 23, 2012). As per the communication from EC, 5 vacancies are to be filled. Eligible Wikimedia Chapter members who wish to file nominations for the Executive Committee should create a subpage by entering a valid username below. After filling up the nomination form and signing it, please add a link to the subpage below as instructed. Before nominating oneself or somebody else, please read the 'Rules & Regulations for the Election'. Nominations can be filed by post also, for which a nomination form is provided in the rules and regulations document.

Last date for nominations 12th August, 2012

IRC Logs of 30th July, 2012

Log of the IRC session conducted by the Executive Committee and the Election Committee on 30th July, 2012 from 9PM to 10PM IST on the role of EC and what is expected of EC members etc. [Exec. Com] and the nomination and election process are here.

File slate of Nominations

Include your nomination subpage by entering [[Nominations for the Executive Committee/CandidateName| CandidateName]] in alphabetical order of Candidate Name below.

  1. Dr. Abhijeet Safai (Proposer: Shantanoo, Seconded by: Mandar Kulkarni)
  2. Karthik Nadar (Proposer: Ashwin Baindur, Seconded by: Tinu Cherian)
  3. Nikita Belavate (Proposer: Naveen Francis, Seconded by: Ditty Mathew)
  4. Pranav Curumsey (Proposer: Naveen Francis, Seconded by: Tinu Cherian)
  5. Srikanth Ramakrishnan (Proposer: Sohan Maheshwar, Seconded by: Anirudh Bhati)
  6. Shantanoo (Proposer: Sudhanwa Jogalekar, Seconded by: Ashwin Baindur)
  7. Sivahari Nandakumar (Proposer: Dittymathew, Seconded by: Prasobh)
  8. Sohan Maheshwar (Proposer: Naveen Francis, Seconded by: Srikanth Ramakrishnan)
  9. Viswa Prabha (Proposer: Johnson AJ, Seconded by: Pranav Curumsey)

Profiles at a Glance

Q&A with the candidates

IRC with the candidates

The nominees for Executive Committee will be available for a chat on IRC from 9 PM - 10 PM IST on 11 Sep 2012 (Tuesday). You can use any IRC client or webchat ( and enter your nickname and channel #wikimedia-in to join. Logs of the chat are here.

Election Results

The following are declared elected post the AGM on 23 Sep 2012

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