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Announcements/Nominations Committee appointment

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Dear Wikimedia Chapter Members,

As per Chapter MOA, Rules and Regulations, elections are to be conducted to fill the Executive Committee(EC) vacancies. In order to do that, EC is pleased to appoint the following chapter members as members of Nominations committee (in alphabetical order) a) Achal Prabhala b) BalaSundara Raman Lakshmanan c) Pradeep Mohandas

The terms of reference for Nomination committee is as follows:

  • Draft process for EC elections in alignment with MOA, Rules & Regulations and obtain EC approval
  • Call for nominations, validate nominations, announce a slate of candidates and arrange for conduct of election.
  • Count the valid votes and announce winners in the AGM( Scheduled for Sep 24, 2011)

EC will provide the number of vacancies to the Nominations committee and extend all help to conduct the elections EC thanks all the Nomination committee members for accepting the Chapter invite to serve on Nomination Committee.

EC requests all members to extend their cooperation for smooth election process.


On behalf of Executive Committee,
Arjuna Rao Chavala
President, Wikimedia Chapter
(Copy of email communication shared on 21 July 2011 to members mailing list