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Elections2014/Nominations/Dr. Mahesh Mangalat

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Nomination form for Wikimedia Chapter Executive Committee Elections-2014

(To be initiated by Proposer and updated by Seconder and the Candidate wishing to contest for Election and submitted as per the due date)

Proposal details

Name of the candidate:Dr.Mahesh Mangalat

Membership ID: INDI 466

Member Since: 14 July 2014

(As per Wikimedia Chapter by-laws, a Member for election to Executive Committee should have been member for at least 3 months before the date of the meeting of the AGM/Election).


Name:Dr.Ranjit kumar.P

Signature(Use Wiki Signature):Ranjitp 21:46, 22 October 2014 (IST)

Membership ID:INDI 449


Name: Hrishikesh K B

Signature(Use Wiki Signature): Hrishikesh.kb 21:55, 22 October 2014 (IST)

Membership ID: INDI - 430

Acceptance by the Candidate

Short Profile* :

  • Age: 54 years
  • Eduction:Post Graduation and Research in Drama.
  • Profession: Associate Professor of Malayalam in a Government College, affiliated to Pondicherry university. Member of Board of Studies in universities such as Pondichery University, Aligarh Muslim University, University of Calicut and Kannur University and Faculties of Language and Fine Arts in University of calicut and Kannur University. Worked as Research Associate under Prof. Paul Bouissac, Toronto University in the project Ethno-Semiotic Study of Performances. Founder member of Indian society for theatre research (ISTR) which is the Indian Chapter of The International Federation for Theatre Research (IFTR)
  • As an educator and cultural activist my interest spreads across topics ranging from theatre, folklore, cultural studies, literature, Indian language computing etc . I am serving as the coordinating Editor of the first Unicode encoded Malayalam web portal (under CC-BY-SA License) since 2006. . I joined in Malayalam and English wikipedia in 2007, I have been actively engaged in propagating the message of Free Knowledge, Open Educational resources and Wikipedia in curriculum. My work as an educator has been acknowledged and included as a SUCCESS STORY on Microsoft's Bhashaindia website

Position Statement/Letter of intent* :

As an educator I have been fortunate enough to introduce new course content in language Curriculum at University education. As a Member of Board of Studies and Faculties of Language and Fine Arts of various universities I have been to able to promote it further and propagate the idea of Free Knowlege. As a Wikipedian I have volunteered to edit language and set a benchmark for Malayalam content in Wikipedia. Need for quality content and style of articles was always emphasized. I look forward to further my contributions in the field of education and culture through wikipedia in all Indian Languages.I hope a WMIN EC position will help further to build programs and strategies to push English and Indian language wikimedia projects into education and curriculum as an open education resource

Conflict of Interest disclosure (if any)

No conflict of interest exits .

I, Dr.Mahesh Mangalat, solemnly affirm to hold the aims and objectives of Wikimedia Chapter in highest esteem and strive to the best of my ability in serving the cause of Wikimedia Chapter.

Place: Mahe

Date:23 October 2014

Signature(Use Wiki Signature):Mangalat

Name:Mahesh Mangalat