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Elections2014/IRClog 20Oct9PM

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<jayanta1> Hi Anivar!
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<anivar> jayanta1,  hai 
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<anivar> Pavithra,   sibi  techfiz  D  hi 
<Pavithra> hi anivar
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<Guest59655> Hello everyone , D B Srinivas Rao ( dbsr ) here
<sibi> Hi Saqib , Jayanta and Anivar
<anivar> Guest59655,  please change your nick 
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<anivar> Can we start ? 
<DBSini> We can wait couple of minutes to allow more to join in
<anivar> welcome Anup  DBSini  Pavitra sibi  Nikhil  Saqib-PAKISTAN  Priyanka  techfiz  and ViswaPrabha  
<anivar> DBSini,  Ok 
<Saqib-PAKISTAN> thanks anivar. but I am always here in channel so need no welcome ;)
<anivar> Saqib-PAKISTAN,  fine :-)
<Jayanta> Yohann Thomas present here?
* Saqib-PAKISTAN is excited to see what you guys discuss..
* #wikimedia-in :You're not a channel operator
<anivar> Saqib-PAKISTAN,  this about WMIN Chapter Elections. details at 
<Saqib-PAKISTAN> yes i know
<anivar> Jayanta,  Lets start by 9.15
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<ViswaPrabha> Good evening everyone :)
<anivar> ViswaPrabha,  Welcome  Hope we can start now . 
<anivar> ViswaPrabha,  Jayanta  : Hope we can start from EC. Then Elecom will take over 
<ViswaPrabha> Yes, You are the one to decide, Anivar. The Elecom moderates this IRC session
<anivar> Welcome all for this Elecom's first IRC Session . 
<anivar> This IRC is for asking any doubts about  rules and procedures with Election Committee and Executive Committe
<anivar> me Pavithra , DBSini  are part of Elecom 
<anivar> and Jayanta  and ViswaPrabha  represents WMI EC 
<anivar> WMIN*
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<anivar> Hope you all gone through page 
<ViswaPrabha> Nikhil too is part of EC as well :)
<anivar> and sub pages 
<anivar> Nikhil,  welcome . 
<Nikhil> Hi Anivar
<Nikhil> got disconnected due to slow internet
<anivar> Please go through and pages  if you havnt already . 
<anivar> Pavithra, DBSini  do you have anything to add ?
<DBSini> Waiting for questions ...
<anivar> DBSini,  Lets pass the Floor for EC 
<anivar> Jayanta, ViswaPrabha  Nikhil  please share your points 
<DBSini> There are many open positions. Request interested candidates to nominate themselves.
<DBSini> Yes. Request EC to add
<Jayanta> New candidate Yohann Thomas and  Dr. Ekbal Bappukunju are not present here probably !
<anivar> Jayanta,  This session is for potential candidates and members to clarify on rules and procedures 
<Jayanta> our vacancy 6 six , but candidate as of now 3!:-(
<anivar> Next IRC on 5th November is the opportunity for  candidates to address the voters and their questions
<ViswaPrabha> Nikhil apparently has put up a candidatue, but not to be seen in the list.
<Nikhil> probably because the nominations ahave not ended yet thats why there is less interest in the IRC
<Nikhil> that was because i got disconnected Vishwa sir
<anivar> Nikhil,  are you filing a nomination?  . Asking because  I have seen a partially filed page
<ViswaPrabha> Anivar may please check if the template is autolinking. If not, we will have to do it manually every time.
<Nikhil> filling :)
<anivar> ViswaPrabha,  template is not autolinking . But we can check it via
<ViswaPrabha> :) Congrats Nikhil! :)
<Nikhil> :)
<anivar> Good we need atleast  6 nominations . More the merrier 
<ViswaPrabha> As for me, some have already nominated and seconded. So I suppose I will stand too :)
<anivar> So anyway the floor is open . We are waiting for questions .
<ViswaPrabha> What if there are just 6 or lesser number of candidates? What shall be the scenario  then? ( Of course, I hope such unfortunate situation wouldn't happen).
<Saqib-PAKISTAN> i've a questions.  karthik is running again for next elections?
<anivar> ViswaPrabha,  I think we have to look at  bylaw and Election rules . I dont have much idea. I hope we will have more candidates . The tendency seen in previous years is more nominations in last 2 days 
<anivar> Saqib-PAKISTAN,  we dont have a clue . One member need to propose him and another one need to second  for each candidate 
<ViswaPrabha> Thanks Anivar. I indeed hope there will be many more putting up the nominations. We may also need to further publicize the election and Nomination news.
<Saqib-PAKISTAN> ok
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<Abhi__> Hello
<Nikhil> hello Abhi__
<anivar> ViswaPrabha,  Elecom asked chapter staff to popularise  through social media . Also we requested for mailing all members in  your member database , because many members are not part of wmin-members list (it is an opt-in list) 
<Abhi__> Did I miss anything?
<anivar> Abhi__,  welcome . Please go through  and if you have any questions feel free to ask 
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<anivar> justme, welcome
<Abhi__> There was problem with postal delivery last time and many people missed opportunity to vote.
<Abhi__> Kindly consider this, and hope so everyone will get fair chance to caste their vote :)
<anivar> Abhi__,  we have given more time this time for postal process 
<Abhi__> Good to know that :)
<anivar> Please check timeline 
<anivar>     24 Oct: Final date for nominations (closes at 11.59 PM IST) 
<anivar>     25 Oct: Verification and approval of candidates. 
<anivar>     29 Oct: Final date for withdrawal 
<anivar>     01 Nov: Declaration of final list of candidates 
<anivar>     03 Nov: EleCom sends out ballot papers 
<anivar>     05 Nov: 9.00PM - 10.30 PM: Second IRC [This is basically for candidates to address the voters and their questions] 
<anivar>     23 Nov: Sunday: Elections and AGM 
<Abhi__> Is it mandatory to have proposer/seconder?
<anivar> Abhi__,  
<Nikhil> regarding sending mails to every member
<ViswaPrabha> Yes, The EC and Elecom together have spent quite some efforts to ensure that there is enough time for sending and receiving the postal ballots.
<Nikhil> there was some issue with non gmail users not getting mails and updates
<anivar> Abhi__,  the election process is guided through . And it is mandatory to have a proposer and seconder as per that 
<DBSini> Candidate can niominate themselves. Have to be seconded by another member
<Abhi__> Do we have any institutional members?
<ViswaPrabha> No
<Abhi__> What is nomination limit? (Per member)
<anivar> Abhi__,  No such limits as per rules
<Abhi__> i.e One member can propose / nominate / second more than one candidate?
<anivar> Anyway we have 6 vacancies 
<anivar> Abhi__, yes
<ViswaPrabha> I think it should be possible. We even had instances before, where candidates themselves have nominated other candidates.
<Priyanka> Is there any provision to vote online?
<ViswaPrabha> That's because, the WMIN board elections are not truly a contest (where candidates win or lose). It's Selection of the most voted 6 candidates (6 in this case) from the pool.
<Abhi__> what happens to remaining candidates?
<ViswaPrabha> Sorrily, not yet, Priyanka. :( Our need to comply with the government rules make it difficult to have electronic voting :(
<ViswaPrabha> what happens to remaining candidates? They simply do not get elected. I wouldn't even call it losing :)
<DBSini> Candidates who are not selected continue as members. They can contribute to other roles in WMIN
<Abhi__> :)
<ViswaPrabha> Yes.
<ViswaPrabha> In fact, the current EC has attempted to keep a priority to choose such candidates, when we were requiring to co-opt new members.
<ViswaPrabha> new Board* members
<Abhi__> How many members are eligible to vote? Number please?
<ViswaPrabha> The list is published open.
<Abhi__> Number please?
<ViswaPrabha> It should be around 120 or so.
<Abhi__> Thanks.
<anivar> Abhi__, 
<ViswaPrabha> Let me count if up from that list :). In any case, Anivar, Pavithra and DBS won't be voting.
<DBSini> ALl the listed members except current Elecom
<ViswaPrabha> (As they are part of the EleCom)
<anivar> Elecom also using this opportunity to thank EC  for publishing members list in the spirit of transparency  as per our request 
<anivar> This is the WMIN election with a published Electoral Role 
<anivar> Online Published ** 
<anivar> Earlier it was only available in WMIN office premises 
<anivar> Any more questions ? We have announced time till 10: 30  
<ViswaPrabha> ping
<ViswaPrabha> I suppose, we can also continue a FAQ on the Election pages on the Wiki itself?
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<anivar> Welcome CutestPenguin 
<CutestPenguin> anivar : o/
<Abhi__> We have lot of time
<Saqib-PAKISTAN> CutestPenguin :D lol
<anivar> ViswaPrabha,  yes . Election Talk page can be used .  Frequent Questions can be converted to an FAQ later 
<ViswaPrabha> Cute name, really! :)
<ViswaPrabha> That's nice, Anivar
<CutestPenguin> ViswaPrabha :  Thanks ;)
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<anivar> Welcom Odisha1 
<anivar> Welcome *
<Odisha1> hi anivar
<anivar> CutestPenguin,  Odisha1  please go through and feel free to ask any questions about elections 
<Abhi__> I saw link to google group on page, but group is closed.
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<CutestPenguin> Isn't there https protocol ?
<anivar> Abhi__,  If you are a member and not part of the wmin-members list write to to include you in list 
<Abhi__> Thanks.
<anivar> Abhi__, AFAIK all members will be invited once  when you are joining . It is an opt-in list 
<ViswaPrabha> If this is Abhishek Suryavanshi, your new membership is just being processed.
<ViswaPrabha> As soon as it is effective, you will be invited to the group.
<ViswaPrabha> In any case, the group is only meant for its mailing list. And that mailing list itself will soon be opened up as a closed mail list on wikilists.
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<ViswaPrabha> Unfortunately, many members are still not joining the Google Group for one or other reasons. And some have joined but have set their mail delivery option to [No mails] (which is equvalent to be a non-member]. :(
<anivar> ViswaPrabha,  thats why Elecom requested to send a mailer to all member's in WMIN database through direct emails . We need to do it without further delay 
<ViswaPrabha> Jayanta, let's work on this ASAP
<Jayanta> yap!
<anivar> ViswaPrabha,  I think sowmyan was using a mailchimp instance to update on membership status . Same will make sure that it will be properly delivered to inboxes 
<Priyanka> there should be another option apart from google groups...
<Priyanka> for those who are non gmail users it is tedious to go thrgh process of joining google group
<ViswaPrabha> Agreed 100% Priyanka
<Jayanta> agreed too!
<Jayanta> actualy we are planning to shift  to mailman
<ViswaPrabha> We are working out to see what best options can be done . However, there have been a few technical issues (which we are sorting out now)
<anivar> Priyanka,  ViswaPrabha  Jayanta  I believe WMIN must go away from third party non free solutions in long run and use FOSS based solutions instead . 
<anivar> ViswaPrabha,  Jayanta  Priyanka  anyway do it after election . :-) 
<sibi> <Jayanta> actualy we are planning to shift  to mailman +1
<ViswaPrabha> Oh you know it :) We don't want to break anything before it's fixed. :)
<anivar> 15 minutes more  to go 
<anivar> if anyone is joining 
<ViswaPrabha> We already have made up a Mailman list. Just need to populate and configure it. But then, even that may not be sufficient for some time, as many members do not even subscribe / maintain with mail lists
<anivar> Pavithra, DBSini,  anything to add 
<Pavithra> no. so far. so good
<anivar> ViswaPrabha,  A good way is keep 2 list . One for announcement (low volume) and other for member discussions 
<DBSini> Nothing to add from my side. Let us doa quick poll for any last questions
<ViswaPrabha> We might also try to send the Election info via SMS to the registered mobile phones. (In one or two days, hopefully)
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<anivar> ViswaPrabha,  that will be very good . Thanks for that 
<Priyanka> yes, agreed,,, indeed :)
<ViswaPrabha> Welcome. (And hope we can do it ASAP0
<anivar> ViswaPrabha,  do it before Diwali else it will be not noticed in greetings and Spam :-) 
<ViswaPrabha> Oh, do they still send Greetings via SMS! ? :)
<anivar> ViswaPrabha,  50% of india is still on feature phones .  And most spam will be from retailers with offers :-) 
<CutestPenguin> Like emails :p
<ViswaPrabha> :P
<CutestPenguin> I am sick of spam mails that come with fake unsb. links
<ViswaPrabha> Oh how sad a cute penguin get sick! achhooo poor thing!. :(
<anivar> If we dont have any more questions , lets wind-up this session . Final call for questions/clarifications . we have 6 more minutes :-)
<Priyanka> one query to go.. sometimes there occurs situation of change of address.. In that case, can ppl keep track and update their membership details?
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<ViswaPrabha> Very nice question, Priyanka. Exactly one that we are presently working on.
<anivar> Priyanka, As per Sowmyan explained  all members have received a mail in July with your membership no and address details as per database . 
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<ViswaPrabha> As of now, the choices are limited. You could send a mail to the Chapter so we can update the data. But we are trying to make it accessible directly with a log-in database system so your updates will be in realtime.
<anivar> If your address is not correct please check that mail and respond with correct address 
<ViswaPrabha> However, please be patient. This will also take some time. We are trying not to make any drastic changes before the elections are over, so that servers don't interrupt / disturb the election process.
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<Priyanka> Surely..
<ViswaPrabha> Until then, you can inform the EC /Elecom of any changes in your postal addres from your registered E-Mail.
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<anivar> ViswaPrabha,  I hope is the place to write for corrections . 
<ViswaPrabha> yes indeed. Please use that ID
<anivar> Elecom cant take the burden of processing database . Chapter staff's will do that if you wrote to that ID 
<ViswaPrabha> But the source E-Mail ID is also important. If you have changed that ID, please also elaborate on that.
<anivar> Can we close now ? DBSini Pavithra  Jayanta  ?
<ViswaPrabha> From my side, done
<anivar> Abhi__,  Abhi__  CutestPenguin  justme   Odisha1  Priyanka  Saqib-PAKISTAN  techfiz  Thanks for Joining 
<anivar> And Nikhil  too 
<Saqib-PAKISTAN> bye
<DBSini> OK to close. Any further queries can be putup on the Elections page
<DBSini> Thanks everyone
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<anivar> We will put up IRC logs in wiki . Good night all 
<ViswaPrabha> Thanks Elecom (Anivar, Pavithra and DB Srinivasa Rao) both as EC member as well as a prospective candidate.
<Jayanta> Thank everyone for joining