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Chapters Conference Presentation,2012

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Group photo 2012. 40 countries participated in this annual event.

A Report on Wikimedia Conference 2012, Mar, 30- Apr 1 Berlin

Naveen Francis and Tinu Cherian

Report date:

Wikimedia Conference 2012


Naveen Francis and Tinu Cherian attended the Chapters conference at Berlin as India Chapter

representatives. They presented India Chapter Update. The scope of this document is to record key takeaways from the conference that could be of use to Wikimedia India. The conference proceedings were well documented, as the organizers have engaged professional facilitators and visual artists to summarise key points in an interesting way, hence no chronological report is attempted.

Wikimedia Chapter Association

Wikimedia India participated in the discussions on Wikimedia Chapters’ Association. We signed the Wikimedia Chapter Association agreement in Berlin.

Press Teams across the Wikimedia chapters

Wiki Loves Mounments

WLM team helped us understand the contest.

Chapter Software- CiviCRM

Manuel and Holger explained how to automate the administration work of the chapter. We have started working on

Fund raising

There were lots questions to Board of Trustees and Sue on the Fundraising resolutions and FDC

First Employee

Naveen and Itzik attended the meeting with Pavel Ritcher(CEO,WMDE), (WMFR),(WMIT). We talked about need of staff for the chapter, Volunteer-Staff relationships and various topics.

Chapter promo materials @ Belin WMIN in WCC 2012.JPG Wikimedia India signing the Berlin Agreement 002.JPG Wikimedia India signing the Berlin Agreement 001.JPG