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Chapter website team

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Setup and run a website to serve static information, support blogs and also provide better support for html/javascript requirements.


Website Tasks

  1. Webfonts -
  2. On the page the hover text for Bangla is wrong. -- Tanvir

Live Search Tasks

  1. Change to Open license -- Done
  2. Now the 'Select website' control cuts the text in half. On my screen it shows 'Wikipedia - The free en' which looks a bit odd. -- Erik Zachte -- Done
  3. Disclaimer - Barry -- Done.
  4. Once a language is selected, the other dropdown should just have the input methods for the selected language. --Sundar
  5. Sanskrit transliteration - Abhiram.
  6. Providing help link to typing schemes (transliteration/Inscript or other schemes) once a scheme is selected can be one solution. - Shiju