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Updates from the Indian wikipedians and the India chapter go here.

2010 Activities

Wish you and your family a Very Happy and exciting 2011!

2010 It has been quite a year for Wikipedia and Wikimedia in India. It was a year that saw at least 31 Wikipedia community meetups in 9 cities. Indian cities Ahmedabad, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kochi, Kolkata & Mumbai has their first meetups (first documented!). It was a year that saw good participation from Indian wikipedians at Wikimania (Gdansk) and the chapters meeting at Berlin. It was a year that saw the first ever India community news letter and an offline CD. It was a year that saw the first Indian join the Board of Trustees and an Indian wikipedian getting elected as Steward. It was a year that saw the Foundation announce their focus of India as a geography to grow Wikipedia. It was a year that saw the Foundation approve an India chapter formally, MOA getting finalized and the launch of the website They year also saw many visits from the foundation - Jimmy Wales, Erik Möller, Danese Cooper, Alolita Sharma, and Barry Newstead visited many cities in India.

It was also a year of many project milestones:

  • Gujarati Wikipedia reached 15,000 articles (June 7),
  • Marathi Wikipedia has reached 30,000 articles (Jul 2)
  • Urdu Wikipedia crossed 15,000 articles (Oct 31)
  • Malayalam wikipedia cross 15,000 articles (Nov 9)
  • Malayalam Wiktionary has reached 60,000 entries (Aug 4).

(source News on Meta).

2010 surely has been an eventful year for Wikimedia in India!

Thanks to all Wikimedians in India on behalf of the India chapter team, for their numerous initiatives, projects and support in 2010. We look forward to working with all Wikimedians to make 2011 another successful year.

2011 Activities

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