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Communication Template

Typical planning process

  1. An opportunity is identified through discussions on email lists/other forums.
  2. Proposer from the co-host institution will check with the institution authorities to provide a lecture room and computer lab and identify people who are interested in this.
  3. Proposer gets in touch with Chapter to identify Wikimedia Chapter member or Wikimedian from the community who can support the event. Chapter will reimburse the travel expenses of couple of wikimedia volunteers from nearby places who support the event.
  4. The date for the event is finalized between the proposer and the Volunteer from Wikimedia
  5. A proposal planning page is created on wiki and linked to the specific segment outreach page. example: Wiki_Academy/Department_of_Public_Libraries,_Bangalore
  6. The list or number of participants is updated on the proposal page. There is no fee for participation in the event. Partcipants and the co-host institution can help the Chapter by becoming members of the Chapter or donating to the chapter. For more information, please see Membership-FAQ or Donations
  7. Chapter will post brochures about Wikipedia,Wikimedia chapter, Event feedback forms to the institution
  8. Wikimedia Volunteers and the institution organize the event
  9. Proposer from Institution updates the wiki page with a brief report on the event including a brief analysis of the feedback from the participants with couple of photographs.
  10. Sample Wiki Academy certificate template are distributed at the end of the sesssion or within 1-2 weeks of session.

Presentation or Facilitation Resources and Notes

  • Use Mass account creation guidance to ensure accounts are created for pre registered participants in advance of the session. This helps overcome the rate limit for new account creation (usually 6 in 24 hour period) on most Wikipedias.
  • Welcome by the Host organization coordinator, Introduction of the facilitators
  • Introduction of participants
  • Make a report with few photographs and analysis of the feedback.
  • Wikipedia Lab: Browsing Wikipedia,Editing Wikipedia:
  • Help users browse Wikipedia for their information needs. Let them assess the information and gaps
  • Help them make minor edits
  • Help users create usernames and create articles in their sandbox pages. Help them to add pictures, references.
  • Help participants who are interested to work in Indian languages browse and edit in the relevant encyclopedias.


Time Topic Content Material Video
00:00-00:10 Intro to Wikimedia India General background of Wikipedia Wikimedia India The state of Wikipedia
00:10-00:30 Wikipedia Intro What is Wikipedia ?
How / who can access it ?
Who made all the existing stuff ?
How anyone can contribute etc...
Intro Nice people video
00:30-00:45 Literacy User interface
Anatomy of an article- demo with a sample page - which page?any suggestions?manual of styleLife of an article - how an article evolved into its present stateWikipedia terminology - familiarizing with terms like vandalism, sock puppetry, rollback etc. (Please expand the list of terms)
Wikipedia Literacy
00:45-01:00 Essentials Creating an account on Wikipedia-participants create their own accounts- instructor shows two existing userpagesEditing wikipedia- demo- editing the page- instructor adds one subheading, contents and references to the pageUploading an image to commons- demo- instructor uploads an image to Commons Wikipedia Essentials
01:00-01:15 Other Wikimedia Project / WP:IND in English Wikipedia.
01:15-01:30 Question and Answers.
01:35-01:45 Break
01:45- 2:30 Hands on practice: Browsing, Editing wikipedia

Beyond Wiki Academy